A personal take on 108 a number which misteriouly recurrs in both western and eastern traditions to suggest our essential connection to the universe and our place in the cosmic order. 

Works on paper as visual reflections on the multiple manifestations of waves' energy. 

Trees, a perennial symbol of earth-sky connection and inexhaustible source of forms and emtions.

....Trying to capture the soft edge where the form melts into the surrounding space

Works on paper, drawings and digital photos, based on the observation of the forms of natural growth and decay, suggesting their invariance across multiple objects at multiple scales.

Shadows hold an elusive and ambiguous nature, which is the very essence of transience and change. They dance around “fixed” objects and fan them out into multiple images that open up the possibility of different points of views and different narratives.(See press release)

Work on paper that investigates the construction process of decorative patterns
(see Press Release)

Groups of small wood panels where graphite drawings of abstract geographical features are paired with textured surfaces of chemically treated metal leaves.
(see Press Release)

Paintings on wood panels and drawings inspired by traditional cosmological maps and mandala-like architectural plans
(see Press Release)

Wood panel-paintings of calligraphic lines and metal leaves surfaces
(see Press Release)

Wall-mounted accordion books of architectural and organic shapes based on sketches drawn during a 1999 residence in East Asia

Installation of 108 small paintings prepared during a residency at Sanscriti Centre in India.